The Roth Show Episode 6: Bad Bunny Pot Sex

As my first post on (my personal blog of all kinds of random stuff), I’d like to kick it off with a detailed post and shownotes on one of my current favorite podcasts – The New Roth Show by the one and only David Lee Roth of Van Halen.

After a long hiatus, David Lee Roth has returned to YouTube and has been posting shows about once or twice a week – and they are great… full of funny stories and all kinds of useful real life advice and tips.  But mostly funny stories.  🙂

So, let’s try this out and see what happens.  The New Roth Show, Episode 6: Bad Bunny Pot Sex – April 29, 2019.  Listen/watch this episode below:

Dave, Russ & The Bunny Suit at Henson Studio – 0:00 to 2:38

Dave has a custom made bunny suit, and so did his dog Russ.  When he needs to get someone’s attention when someone’s not paying attention, he gets out the bunny suit.

And on one day, he needed to record some lyrics at Henson Recording Studios, but the producer (who was an Eddie man and not a Dave man) said he couldn’t come down because of the Super Bowl.

Dave asked if he could tell the guard or perhaps have the engineer come down for $150 for a 20 minute ride, but the producer dude still wouldn’t budge.

At that point, Dave said he was going to come down in a pickup truck with his dog Russ and they were going to wear their bunny suits and create a parking jam.

Dave & Russ headed down 110 on Hollywood North and when they got to the gate, it was inexplicably open… 🙂

(Ok, I’ve decided that trying to create a transcript of this podcast with complete show notes is a bit more daunting than anticipated, so for the rest of this post, I’ll just provide some links).  Maybe next time do a complete transcript, but it’s getting late and I gotta go to bed soon. 

The Paint Mixer Story – 2:38 to 5:20

Leonardo Da Vinci, Mona Lisa and the Paint Mixer Story – 5:20 to 7:20

Did You Have a Good Easter? – 7:20 to 7:56

Cosmo the Self Taught Genetic Physicist – 7:58 – 8:36

Bill the Robot – 8:36 – 9:22

Stay tuned as we plan to do more detailed posts whenever he uploads a new episode.. will get all of the cool stuff Dave mentions on each episode, links, photos, etc.



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